Save up to 21% on your purchases

From this year, Spanish residents in the United Kingdom can shop tax free in European Union.

Whether visiting Spain for holidays, to see family or for business, you can now save on every purchase, with no minimum amount, by claiming the VAT refund.

Apply for a VAT refund on your purchases in the EU

What is Tax Free shopping?

Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping service makes travel more rewarding. Visitors who are non-EU residents are entitled to claim back the tax paid on purchases which they take home.

Who is eligible for tax free?

From January 1st 2021, stores can offer tax refunds to UK residents for their purchases within the EU.

What are the requirements to obtain it?

The requirements are: The traveller resides in a country that does not belong to the European Union. The traveller leaves the European Union within 3 months.

VAT refund for UK residents

Proof of residence in the UK

It is essential to show a document proving residence outside the European Union. If your nationality is Spanish or from a European Union country, you need a document proving your residence outside the EU.

Eligible UK residents

UK residents who will be eligible for Tax Free shopping in the EU are those who are resident in England, Wales and Scotland (except Northern Ireland). Residents of Northern Ireland are ineligible for tax free.

The VAT refund process

Digital Tax Free

Global Blue allows you to process your VAT refund digitally (DIVA).

No going to the refund point

No waiting in line

No sending the validated form by mail

No contact. Social distance

In an agile and comfortable way

In store, the traveller must provide his credit card details when asking for tax free. Once validated, Global Blue will automatically pay VAT refund to this credit card.

We recommend Travellers provide an email address or phone number in case of queries with the refund, and to access the digital Tax Free on their phone.

Why not download our SHOP TAX FREE app, which makes claiming tax free shopping fast and easy.

DIVA Kiosk

Validation at a DIVA self-service kiosk is easy and secure:

  • Just scan the barcode on the Tax Free Form to validate

  • No need to scan your passport

  • The refund is paid automatically to the credit card captured in store when asking for tax free

Advantages of Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping service

Global Blue takes care of everything, you just have to enjoy your trip and your purchases

Valid procedure with authorities worldwide

Fast, simple, convenient and hassle-free

Allows you to receive back up to 21% of your purchases in Spain

Handy tips for claiming your refund

  1. Always ask for Global Blue tax free in store, no matter how large or small the purchase

  2. Look out for stores offering Global Blue Tax Free and find your nearest stores using our app

  3. Bring your passport and ask the Shop Assistant for Tax Free, who will prepare your Tax Free Forms

  4. Safely keep your receipts together with your Tax Free Forms, you may need to show them to Customs

  5. Allow extra time when departing home to validate your Forms

  6. Save time and add your credit card to our app, and we’ll pay your refund automatically after your Forms are validated.


In the FAQ section you will find answers to most of your questions about Tax Free and VAT refunds on purchases made in Spain.

Refund payment options

In cash in local currency at the refund points.

By credit card: VISA, MasterCard, Amex, CUP, Dinners, JCB.

SEPA Bank Accounts.

Online payment solutions: Paypal, Alipay, Wechat Pay.

What VAT rates are in Spain?

General 21%: fashion, jewelry, accessories, technology or high-end goods.

Reduced 10%: food, pharmacy and optician’s shops.

Super-reduced 4%: basic products such as milk, bread, medicines or books.